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Test workshop of the SAA game in Bulgaria

Kalina Ekova

Alzheimer Bulgaria held a test workshop for the SAA beta version on the 17th of February 2024 with 6 participants. They were all older people working in the healthcare sector. The workshop was about an hour and a half during which Kalina Ekova discussed with the participants two cases from the Advocacy sector – the case of Ellen and the case of Petra.

The participants found the game very interesting and were curious about the Code of Conduct. They found the graphic design fascinating and the cases – realistic. The length of the stories, the dialogues, the characters and the everyday experiences presented in the game were plausible and sensible. Most of the participants even recognised themselves in some of the situations. They made references to movies they watched connected to ageism. Some of the participating adults made some minor comments regarding comprehensibility of the questions.

All in all, the participants were really impressed by the game and are eagerly waiting for the official release of the game. One of the participants even wants to have the Code of Conduct in their caregiving institution. They were very interested in the game and found it well-structured and prepared.