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SAA game was tested in Portugal

Elton Correia

SAA organised a workshop that took place on 16th February 2024 in Coimbra, Portugal. This session was used to test some “JOB” scenes in the beta version of the game and the training kit. We had five participants, three of them are still working, and the other two are already retired. 

Starting the workshop the participants already knew each other, so the facilitator decided to do a detailed presentation of the project, using a PowerPoint, explaining the objectives of our SAA project. When the concept of ageism was explained it sparked some discussion among the participants, regardless of not knowing the concept, they know and have experienced situations of age discrimination. 

After that, the educational game was presented. All the participants never played educational games, apart from other workshops, but three of them usually play games for fun and the other two don’t play any kind of games. 

The participants tested the two scenes as a group and discussed their impressions of the game, and the facilitator supported with everything the participants needed throughout the game and took notes of their opinions and difficulties. The participants pointed out some difficulties in reading some parts of the game even with glasses and found some of the dialogues too long. They thought the Code of Conduct is well structured and they believe that these rules should be shared and implemented in any workplace!  

We are very happy with the workshop and every feedback! This will help us improve the SAA game!