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Global campaign and survey on ageism and healthy ageing!

Leni Koch, Marcel Neumann (ISIS) 

People are getting older, but the environment in which they live prevents them from ageing in a healthy way. The Decade of Healthy Ageing campaign (2021-2030) was co-founded by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It calls for a survey on healthy ageing in inclusive settings and on ageism awareness.  

The Decade of Healthy Ageing aims to change the way we think and act about older people in order to create an inclusive and age-friendly environment for them. This is in line with our Smart Against Ageism (SAA) project. For this purpose, they have gathered several research projects dealing with the topic of ageism on their website. You can find those projects here:  

Also, the initiative developed a survey to serve as an evidence base and knowledge exchange. The topics are awareness of ageism and its impact, as well as experiences and engagement with the campaign so far.  

We kindly invite everyone to take part in the survey! 

Here you can find the link to the survey:

Learn more about the Decade here: