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Learn how to combat ageism!

Various learning materials have been developed within SAA to actively counteract ageism. The centrepiece is the SAA game, in which learners can playfully experience the areas in which ageism occurs, how it is perceived and how it can be countered. To be able to categorise the information in the game in a targeted manner, a game guide with accompanying information was also developed. In addition to this, a European compendium and a trainer toolkit have been created, which provide interesting insights and explain how the topic of ageism can be conveyed in different learning environments.

You can find links and detailed explanations of all materials below:

The SAA game

The SAA game serves to identify ageism in various areas of everyday life and make it reflective for learners. The game deals specifically with the following areas: Job, Health, Social, Advocacy and Built environment. Within the narrative of the game, players take on the role of an equality manager who helps a large healthcare institution deal with complaints from people based on ageism. The aim is to better understand the different fates of the fictional individuals and to identify ageism more clearly in everyday life. A special feature is that the content of the game can be used by trainers for their workshop sessions. If you are interested in playing the game or using it in workshop settings, click one of the buttons below:

The SAA game guide

The SAA game guide is designed to provide learners of the educational online game with background knowledge on the diverse areas where ageism occurs (Job, Health, Social, Advocacy, Built environment). Here you will find guidelines to reduce ageism, as well as direct references to the game situations. At the end of the document, you will also find an overview of the results of the SAA project and other resources. The game guide is available in seven languages. To download it, please click the corresponding image below:

The SAA compendium

The compendium ‘Responding to ageism’ gathers personal experiences of ageism and strategies to deal with it. It is based on the perspective of five European countries (Portugal, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Germany). In this context, interviews with affected adults and desk research were conducted. The outcomes had been compiled in the compendium and hence built the fundament for most of the SAA learning materials. If you want to have a look at the compendium, please access the document by clicking the references below:

The SAA trainer toolkit

The SAA trainer toolkit is specially designed for trainers and coaches who want to work on the topic of ageism. It describes various methods and offers inputs and impulses so that the participants can talk together about possible intervention strategies and their own experiences in such situations. A special feature is that the content of the game can be used by the trainers in their workshops. To have a look at the document, please click on your country version below:

SAA recommendations for policymakers

The SAA policy recommendations document contains policy recommendations from the European partner countries concerning ageism. The collection of examples of good practices is aimed at political decision-makers and associations. By addressing ageism on a structural level, the policy recommendations can serve to support and inspire future measures against ageism. To have a look at the document, please click on the image below:

Long version

Short version

The SAA brochure

The SAA brochure has been designed to briefly present the learning offer or get an overview of all core information about the SAA project in all partners’ languages. To have a look at the document, please click on one of the images below: