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SAA Workshop carried out in Frankfurt

Marcel Neumann, Jesper Schulze

The workshop to test the SAA learning game was held in an older adults meeting centre in Frankfurt on 20 February 2024. ISIS cooperated with a group from a senior citizens’ meeting centre in Frankfurt Goldstein.

The workshop was divided into three basic phases. In the first, we explained the background of the project to the group and initially clarified important terms. Afterwards two scenes of the SAA learning game were tested together!

The participants gave us various constructive feedback across all feedback rounds of the workshop. The game scenes were rated by the participants as very plausible and realistic. They said that they could imagine this happening in real life, which is very valuable for us to focus on the target groups perspective.

We got the positive feedback that the participants were able to follow the course of the game well and at the same time understood quite directly what needed to be done, but also some design and text related improvements were suggested by our participants. We are looking forward to the updated version of the SAA-game!