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Smart Against Ageism on International Day of Older Persons

Older adults taking a selfie

Juliana Louceiro

The United Nations – International Day of Older Persons is annually held on October 1. This holiday, established by the UN in 1990, aims to strengthen the rights of older adults and their perception in society. This important day underlines the need to address societal challenges, such as healthy ageing, digital participation or the fight against age discrimination. The day is used to address challenges such as ageing, social inclusion and access to healthcare for older adults. It encourages societies to recognise the wealth of knowledge and experience that older adults bring to their communities and encourages dialogue and intergenerational understanding.

The SAA learning offer fits perfectly with the goals of the International Day of Older Persons. The project offers an adult education learning opportunity that critically addresses the widespread phenomenon of ageism. The project seeks to make the widespread existence of ageist perceptions visible and discussable. This is an important element for a diverse and democratic society in which barriers and exclusion are tackled and participation and inclusion are promoted.