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Senior citizens of The Hague test the scenes of the SAA game

Bart Borsje,  AFEdemy, Academy on Age-Friendly Environments in Europe B. V.

The group of the Dutch SAA workshop

AFEdemy, the Dutch partner of the SAA project, organised a workshop in The Hague on 10 March to test the SAA game scenes. This was done in the Experience Home for Technology in The Hague in the presence of the ambassadors of the Experience Home and in the presence of Mireille Bijnsdorp of our associate partner of Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination Foundation (IDB).  

The workshop was designed to check whether the game, the scenario for the game and the various scenes that had already been developed met the expectations of the participants. Some of the participants had been interviewed at an earlier stage for the development of the game and scenes. The participants actively participated in the workshop. They showed criticism where necessary of the scenes that had already been developed, but were generally positive. There were also some questions from the participants about the possibilities of asking for help on what to do if you experience age discrimination. Mireille Bijnsdorp was able to answer these questions.  

Collecting feedback from participants is necessary for the further development of the game. After all, the aim is to show a picture as real as possible in the game so that users benefit from the contents.  

The same workshops are also held in other countries and the suggestions collected from the participants are used to further improve the learning offer.