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SAA game scenes presented in Germany

Marcel Neumann, Jesper Schulze

On 21.2, ISIS Institute for Social Infrastructure conducted the co-design workshop for the SAA game with the group of “Wegbegleiter” at Caritas in Frankfurt. ISIS was represented by Dr Karin Stiehr and Marcel Neumann, who presented the two scenes within the field of architecture and built environment.

First, the basic concept and the framework story of the game were explained and the basic functions and interaction possibilities for the players were outlined. Afterwards, the game scenes were gone through step by step with the participants and suggestions for changes were discussed.

Overall, the participants noted that the scenarios and situations were generally realistic and that the answers given were appropriate and fitting. In individual cases, changes to individual answers were discussed and subsequently implemented.

The participants contributed very profitably to the workshop, for example by identifying further key construction factors and elements within the scenes, which can now be incorporated into the finalisation of the scenes.