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“Smart Against Ageism” at the 32-nd Alzheimer Europe Conference

Kalina Ekova

ABA will present “Smart Against Ageism” at the 32-nd Alzheimer Europe Conference in Bucharest on the 17th of October during the online module of the Conference “Virtual Oral Presentations”.

The motto of the Conference this year will be “Building bridges”. The Conference brings together people with dementia, their caregivers and representatives in different fields such as health, care, education, etc.  The program includes different topics combining different approaches to dementia.

People with dementia are often older people who are discriminated against and do not receive equal rights. Therefore, the SAA project will contribute to the creation of a Dementia Friendly Society where people with dementia have equal rights and opportunities. The expected SAA results will provide a tool to dementia communities to use it for raising awareness and improving the positive attitude towards people with dementia.

The ABA’s presentation is aimed at raising awareness about the problems the project addresses such as age discrimination and stereotyping towards older people. It uses the accumulated knowledge from the developed National reports and the Compendium. Alzheimer Bulgaria’s presenter will also talk about the project itself – description, ways of addressing the problems, and expected results.

More information about the Conference here: