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SAA Multiplier Event in Portugal was a success!

Juliana Louceiro

The Smart Against Ageism multiplier event was held in Portugal on May 7th 2024, aligned with the International Conference Building Sustainable and Participatory Environments. Co-organised by SHINE 2Europe and the University of Porto, the Conference was a global platform for knowledge exchange and the perfect environment to share the project’s outcomes with a diverse array of stakeholders. 

The International Conference Building Sustainable and Participatory Environments gathered local, national, and European decision-makers alongside with professionals and volunteers from organisations who work with older adults, as well as adult educators. The event facilitated meaningful discussions and insights into combating ageism and discrimination. 

The event saw enthusiastic participation from a diverse group of people, with almost 100 attendees actively engaged in discussions on combating ageism and its impacts. Central topics included defining ageism, presenting the project’s compendium, discussing recommendations for policymakers, introducing the toolkit for trainers, and highlighting the innovative SAA Game. Engaging dialogues explored the concepts of ageism and discrimination, complemented by the distribution of project materials such as the “Recommendations for Policymakers” brochure. Part of the session was focused on citizen empowerment, which advocated the need for placing citizens at the forefront of discourse and using co-creation methodologies to tailor effective solutions. 

Participants mentioned the SAA Game and gamification tools as important resources for raising awareness of ageism and other forms of discrimination. The positive feedback underscores the efficacy of such initiatives in fostering dialogue, understanding, and action. 

Soon, other SAA Multiplier events will happen in the other partners countries, and the International Multiplier Event will be held in Brussels, on June 12th