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SAA was presented in Leiden

Bart Borsje

On 11th of June, the presentation on the results of the Smart Against Ageism (SAA) project took place in Leiden, The Netherlands. During the meeting with policy officers and staff members of local governments, health and welfare organizations, and interest groups such as the support center Migrants Leiden, AFEdemy presented the set-up and goal of the project, and the final results archived such as the compendium, the recommendations to policymakers, the game that was developed and the manual for trainers.

Ample attention was paid to what should be understood by ageism or age discrimination, why it is important to know about, learn to recognize it, and how to deal with it. This was explained through the design of the game and related policy recommendations, among other things. Several participants expressed their interest in playing the game and sharing it with others. The topic was seen as highly interesting.

On behalf of the associated partner iDb Mireille Bijnsdorp talked about how to recognize age discrimination, how to complain about it, and why it is important to discuss it. She mentioned several cases in which age discrimination may have occurred.