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Writing the next chapter for Age Equality in the EU – the outcomes

llenia Gheno

Working against ageism and for a European Age Equality Strategy, the SAA partner AGE Platform Europe organized its annual conference right after the European elections 2024 to reiterate its commitment to a society for all ages to the renewed European institutional architecture and seized this opportunity to share the main outcomes of the SAA project at the end of its journey, as the SAA Multiplier Event.

AGE Platform Europe teamed up with the SAA consortium to share the project’s outputs, like the game and policy recommendations, and to strengthen policy consensus for age equality and against ageism at the conference “Writing the next chapter for Age Equality in the EU”.

The event gathered European policy makers (European Commission’s Vice-President for Democracy and Demography, DG JUSTICE, the Polish Minitry for Senior Policy, the European Belgian Presidency with the representative from the State Secretary for Gender Equality, Equal Opportunities and Diversity, UN OHCHR Regional Office for Europe, European Committee of Social Rights, the EuroCentralasian Lesbian Community), equality bodies (the European Fundamental Rights Agency, Equinet, UNIA – Belgian Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities) and civil society organizations (the European Disability Forum, the European Women’s Lobby, among the many organisation members of AGE Platform Europe). 

Twelve heminent speakers highlighted their perspectives and strategies to counteract ageism and work for age equality, sharing their work with the over 80 on-site participants and over 40 on-line attendees during the whole event. Among those speakers, SAA partner Alzheimer Bulgaria introduced the project and its outcomes, rooted against ageism and encouraged the wide audience to test the game during the coffee break.

Attendees tested the game in English and French, showing appreciation for the tool and becoming enthusiastic for the lively graphic and game flow.

Thanks to the involvement of AGE members, the various language versions of the game and of the SAA products were widely disseminated. The European Multiplier Event was a great success and showed that the consortium performed a very good work and that the tools are sought for by various realities across the EU.