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SAA game co-creation workshop in Kaunas, Lithuania

Edita Šatienė, chair of Seniors Initiatives Centre

On 22 February 2023, Seniors Initiatives Centre (SIC) held a workshop with the target group to assess the final cases elaborated by SIC for the SAA game and initiate adaptations, where necessary. SIC was responsible for developing two cases related to employment relationships. The cases were developed basing on the authentic experiences of the target group representatives collected during personal interviews in the previous phase of SAA game development.

Six women responded to SIC invitation to attend the workshop. The workshop started with a short introduction of the project and the results achieved so far. The participants acknowledged the relevance of dealing with the ageism issues in general and in the labour market.

The group discussed two cases from the job sector: Johanna’s case about redeployment or termination of employment at retirement age and Felix’s case about limited training opportunities for older age staff. Each scenario was read with distributed roles and afterwards they were discussed using the questions provided. At the end of the discussion the questionnaires were filled in, one questionnaire per case.

The workshop participants found the content of the cases understandable and realistic. They recalled similar cases from their work experience, thus confirming that the issues addressed by the SAA project are very relevant.

The participants suggested minor changes in Johanna’s case and proposed to change two responses in Felix’s case. The proposed changes were taken into consideration.