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Age discrimination occurs more often than thought

AFEdemy, the Dutch partner in the SAA project has interviewed their associated partner IDb. They work as an advocacy for those who have a complaint about ageism. Their experience will be used in the development of the SAA game.

Impressions after the desk research in Lithuania

The Lithuanian report for the compendium is based on the desk research of 21 reference source and interviews of 14 older persons. Although the word ageism was not directly used by the interviewees, dis-criminative aspects are implicit-ly revealed by other words: “exclusion”, “lack of tolerance”, “indifference”, “rudeness”, “deprivation”. Work on the re-port, the interviews, discus-sions with colleagues and stakeholders sparkled interest in the findings and next steps of the project, so everybody is looking forward to the project outputs that will follow.

SAA Press release (March 2022)

Negative attitudes about ageing and older age make life on average 7,5 years shorter. Our newest Erasmus+ project Smart Against Ageism (SAA) focuses on fighting ageism!