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Event – “Ageism and age discrimination – status quo and countermeasures”

Multiplier event at the Frankfurt Ökohaus

Bulgarian Multiplier Event

Alzheimer Bulgaria held the Bulgarian Multiplier Event in Sofia.

SAA was presented in Leiden

The results of the SAA project were presented. Several participants expressed their interest in the …

Writing the next chapter for Age Equality in the EU – the outcomes

The SAA European Multiplier event

Final Transnational Project Meeting in Brussels

The SAA partners were together for the last TPM

SAA Project results presented at the Social Services Centre in Kaunas

On 21 May 2024, Seniors Initiatives Centre held a National Multiplier Event at the Social Services C…

SAA Multiplier Event in Portugal was a success!

The Portuguese Multiplier event happened on May 7th, in Porto.

Successful test workshops for the SAA project

AFEdemy organised 2 successful workshops for testing the SAA game. Participants were critical but al…

Age Discrimination: Too Young at 20, Too Old at mid-40s

Germany's Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, Ferda Ataman, condemns age discrimination against women,…

SAA game tested in Kaunas, Lithuania

SIC and Kaunas U3A organized a workshop to test the SAA game.

SAA Workshop carried out in Frankfurt

The team from ISIS carried out a local workshop in an older adults meeting centre.

SAA game was tested in Portugal

SAA organised a workshop that took place on 16th February 2024 in Coimbra, Portugal.

Test workshop of the SAA game in Bulgaria

Alzheimer Bulgaria held a test workshop for the SAA beta version and reviewed two cases and made com…

The Characters of the SAA Game
SAA Game development

The SAA educational game is right now in the development process and will soon be ready for testing …

SAA Partners meet in Gouda, the Netherlands

AFEdemy hosted a transnational project meeting in Gouda

The 2nd annual Newsletter was launched!

Get to know all we have done in the last months and the next steps in SAA!

Older adults taking a selfie
Smart Against Ageism on International Day of Older Persons

SAA is aligned with the International Day of Older Persons.

Tackling Digital Exclusion and Ageism: FRA Report

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights released a report about the implications of digitalizat…

Co-creation workshop in Bulgaria
Co-creation workshop in Bulgaria

Alzheimer Bulgaria held a co-creation workshop in the end of February in one nursing home in Sofia, …

Alzheimer Bulgaria celebrates its 20th anniversary

Alzheimer Bulgaria celebrates its 20th anniversary by holding a conference “Where to now? Providing …

Meeting in Coimbra
The SAA project partners were together in Coimbra, Portugal 

A fruitful meeting followed by enriching sharing

Diagnosis: gerontophobia

Age discrimination discussed on Lithuanian TV weekly programme reveals discrimination in the labour …

Report of Lithuanian Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson

In 2022 Lithuanian Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson received 21 complaints of possible…

The word idadismo was made official in Portugal

The word ‘idadismo’ was inserted into the Portuguese language dictionary.

The Dr. José Lourenço Júnior Foundation is an Associated Partner of the SAA project

SHINE 2Europe and the Dr. José Lourenço Júnior Foundation started their collaboration for the intern…

Senior citizens of The Hague test the scenes of the SAA game

AFEdemy organised a workshop in The Hague on the 10th of March to test the SAA game scenes.

SAA game scenes presented in Germany

ISIS conducted the co-creation workshop with the group “wegbegleiter” from caritas Frankfurt.

SAA game co-creation workshop in Kaunas, Lithuania

On 22 February 2023, Seniors Initiatives Centre held a co-creation workshop to review the SAA game s…

German Study on Ageism 

The Federal German Anti-Discrimination Agency has published a study on Ageism.

SAA game scenes were presented in Portugal

SHINE held the workshop for validation of the game scenes with a group of older adults.

Global campaign and survey on ageism and healthy ageing!

This article informs you about the Decade of Heathly Ageing campaign, which contributes to amplify a…

SAA Newsletter #01 just released (December 2022 EN)

SAA was presented at the conference ‘Let’s talk about ageing’ 

The SAA project was presented in a conference, in Porto, Portugal.

Age discrimination occurs more often than thought

AFEdemy, the Dutch partner in the SAA project has interviewed their associated partner IDb. They wor…

The SAA | Smart Against Ageism project is strong and running! 

The partners held the Second Transnational Project Meeting

SAA presented at the 32nd Alzheimer Europe Conference

The SAA project was presented online during the “Virtual oral presentation” panel at the 32nd Alzhei…

International Conference: Learning and Implementing Social Innovation
International Conference: Learning and Implementing Social Innovation

SHINE, AFEdemy and the Nursing School of Coimbra are organising a conference on November 8th and 9th…

“Smart Against Ageism” at the 32-nd Alzheimer Europe Conference

ABA will present “Smart Against Ageism” at the 32-nd Alzheimer Europe Conference in Bucharest on the…

Conclusions from the surveys in Bulgaria

Main contexts of age discrimination in Bulgaria according to the desk research and interviews with c…

Gerontology days Conference 2022
SAA Project was presented at the Gerontological Days 2022 Conference

On 7 October, SAA was presented at the Gerontology Days 2022 – International Scientific Conference, …

International Day of Older Persons
International Day of Older Persons was celebrated on 1 October

The International Day of Older Persons was proclaimed in Resolution 45/106 adopted by the UN General…

First results of the survey in Germany

This article sums up the newest developments regarding the desk research and the interviews with cit…

Impressions after the desk research in Lithuania

The Lithuanian report for the compendium is based on the desk research of 21 reference source and in…

Smart Against Ageism: partnership for the Portuguese national report

SHINE 2Europe and the Bairrada and Mondego Local Development Association (AD ELO) collaborated in th…

SAA Image
SHINE 2Europe and AD ELO together against ageism

SHINE 2Europe and the Local Development Association of Bairrada and Mondego (AD ELO) will collaborat…

SAA Press release (March 2022)

Negative attitudes about ageing and older age make life on average 7,5 years shorter. Our newest Era…